Current Officers

Aerie Officers

Worthy President - Wes Skochenski

Worthy Vice President - Steve MArtin

Secretary - Doug Boser

Treasurer - Mike Theisen

Worthy Chaplain - Jana Kuschel

Conductor - Mike Theisen

Inside Guard -Brian Mathews

Junior Past Worthy President - Mike Montogmery

Trustees - Harry Burns, Rick Vasek, Tom Erickson

Auditor - 

Nominations - Mike Theisen

Publicity - Wes Skochenski

Bylaws - Harry Burns, Wes Skochenski, Jake Jelinski

Entertainment - Trustees

Lunch Committee - All Officers

Parliamentarian - Rollie Weis

Gambling Manager - Brad Meyer

Trials Committee - Harry Burns, Tommy Erickson,Wes Skochenski, Alvin Heinen, Steve Andersen

Donations Committee - Leroy Steeves, Jana Kuschel, Mike Theisen, Bob Hengel, Alvin Heinen

Social Media Coordinator - Jana Kuschel

Auxiliary Officers

Junior Past President - Janine Behrendt

Madame President - Marsha Nelson

Madame Vice President - Jane Anderson

Madame Chaplain - Rose Lingren

Madame Conductor - Diane Henkemeyer

Madame Secretary - Gail Kipka

Madame Treasurer - Phyllis Umerski

Madame Inside Guard - Karen Eichinger

Trustees - Kitty LundReed, Gail Rucks, Gervaise Czech

Advisor - Diane Henkemeyer

Auditor - Sue Primus

Birthday Caller - Eileen Grahek

Book Club - Marsha Nelson

Bowling - Millie Huberty

Brat Sale - Ruthie Hohmann, Karen Hengel

Budget Chair - Marie Gerads, Lue Jacobs

Bylaws - Lue Jacobs

Casino - Ruthie Hohmann, Betty Host

Charities - Gail Rucks

Craft Sales - Currently Open

Delinquent - Eileen Grahek

Good Cheer - Phyllis Umerski

Interviewing Committee - Phyllis Umerski

Meeting Registration - Rosie Waltzing

Membership - Currently Open

Nominations - Currently Open, Currently Open

Nursing Home Bingo - Jody Passell, Linda Hauser

Club Hours

Sun - Mon 11am-12am   Tues - Sat 11am-1am   

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730 41st Ave. N

St. Cloud, MN 56303


Bar: 320-251-7440

Office: 320-251-5622

Must be a current member in good standing to enjoy events and rent our halls.